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March 21, 2012

Anonymous said: I am neutral when it comes to Gaga vs. Madonna...but i definitely think Madonna was using homosexuality as a tool to sell records, I mean even Gaga's video's seemed more genuine than this. *shrug*

No. Absolutely not. How is Madonna using homosexuality to sell records when her demographic has been homosexuals and women since her debut? So she has some hot models dancing in heels and making out a bit in her new video about her going dick crazy. She isn’t using anyone, she’s catering to her demographic.

The difference between Gaga and Madonna as gay icons is that Madonna never declared herself to be a gay icon, the gay community just looked to her as one. You’re telling me Gaga is more genuine about the gay community? She has been blatantly exploiting the gay community as a marketing tool for a while now. She hopped on the bisexual bandwagon even though she’s obviously obsessed over dick. Born this Way, a song she wrote in ten minutes (which is obvious given its lyrical depth), is a ridiculous and selfish use of the gay community to sell that record and that album. If you honestly think Madonna uses the gay community and Gaga doesn’t, you’re going to have to take a seat.

March 21, 2012
Madonna debuts Girl Gone Wild video, Gaga stans continue to embarrass themselves.

Madonna has dropped the video for her latest single, Girl Gone Wild. Fresh off of her newest album, MDNA, Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild shows us that even at twice the age of some of the bitches in the pop game, she can still scalp a bitch. Having been influenced by her own past videos, Madonna serves us some crazed, bondage-frantic sex romp with a plethora of wonderful looking models. Simple and to the point, Girl Gone Wild sticks to its guns and doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is: a club-bumpin’ fuck frenzy theme song.

Of course, Lady Gaga stans are continuing to embarrass themselves by saying some ridiculous things all over the web. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such secondhand embarrassment as I do today for these Gaga stans.

I have always believed that stupidity and ignorance are no excuses for wrongdoings. Maybe if these Gaga stans weren’t semen and zygotes when videos like Vogue or Human Nature came out, they’d know Madonna has domineered the styles seen in Girl Gone Wild or in any Lady Gaga video before anyone else. They could have also youtube’d videos like Justify My Love and Erotica and also saw how ahead of the times Madonna has been, and how much of an influence she has been on Lady Gaga. Considering the fact that Lady Gaga is a walking tribute to Madonna, I think Lady Gaga fans should follow the fearful move of their mother monster and flee the scene before they call someone a copycat while Madonna ascends to her throne once more.

Check out the video for Girl Gone Wild below. What do you think?

February 27, 2012


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